Honest About Coverage. Transparent About Premiums.

About Us

At Renaissance Insurance, we represent a renaissance of the insurance industry by being honest about coverage and transparent about premiums, so you know exactly what you’re getting from your insurance.

Renaissance is an independent insurance brokerage that has been providing insurance for owners of businesses of all sizes since 2001. Our customers want peace of mind that what they have worked so hard to build is being protected, as well as that they are getting the right coverage for their needs. When problems arise, they want to know their insurance company will take care of them.

While many other insurance companies operate revenue-based businesses, we are proud to run a business that’s based on relationships. We want our customers to be comfortable with and confident in the solutions we offer them. We strive to always be open and honest with our customers. As part of our transparency, we offer quotes directly from the insurance companies and list our commissions separately.

The value of the insurance we can offer our clients goes beyond the financial reimbursement of the policies we write. It includes our ability to respond when they are in a crisis situation. Our advisors have the expertise to manage just about any risk our clients might face, but our goal is to be able to take care of our clients when stressful situations arise.

We have an energetic, progressive staff that enjoys working with companies with challenging risk. They are flexible when needed and think out of the box to develop the best policies for our customers’ needs.

If you are looking for a company that represents new thinking in the insurance agency, talk to Renaissance Insurance Group.

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Client Testimonials

When owning a business that requires unique and high-risk coverage, it is comforting to know that Renaissance Insurance has my business’ best interest in mind. The staff is knowledgeable from top to bottom and I value their experience and attention to detail.”

Guy McIntosh III, Owner, Safe Site Inc.

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