2024 Commercial Insurance Market Outlook Released!

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Industry Specialties

Every industry has specific needs when it comes to insurance.

Risks your business faces every day are going to be different than those of the business next door and across the street. These unique risks make it impossible for insurance companies to create a one-size-fits-all plan.

While we can work with any business, we do have extensive experience in specific industry specialties. We understand the overall risks involved and the insurance options that best minimize those risks.

No matter what your industry, we will follow our three-step process to put together the best protection for your business:


Your business requires expensive equipment and tools to keep it running, and the nature of the industry leaves the door open for potential employee injury every day on the job site. Our recommendations for you may include liability insurance, property insurance, business vehicle insurance, workers’ compensation, and crime insurance.


Whether your business is a local, small-batch producer or you have locations across the country served by a complex supply chain, we know your business needs a comprehensive, custom approach to managing risk. Our recommendations for you may include general liability, property insurance, manufacturing errors & omissions, and product recall insurance.


Whether you operate a hotel, resort, casino, or other hospitality-based business, we can provide you with the coverage that best fits your needs so you can focus on providing the best experience for your guests. Our recommendations for you may include business interruption, employment practices liability, liquor liability, and theft.


You have valuable equipment, expensive software, and irreplaceable data under your roof, and your business needs to be protected from damages from all sides. Our recommendations for you may include general liability, loss control services, errors & omissions (E&O), umbrella coverage, products liability, property insurance, and cyber liability coverage.


Your craft brewery may be seen as a small business enterprise, but once you start moving up in production and distribution, you can be exposed to large financial risks. Our recommendations for you may include general liability, coverage for your equipment/machinery, liquor liability, umbrella coverage, property insurance, and workers’ compensation.


The needs of the cannabis industry can be challenging. You may think your business is covered, but in reality, your policy may leave you exposed to multiple risks. Our experience in agriculture, transportation, and worker safety can help ensure you have the right coverages for your needs. Our recommendations may include general and product liability insurance, crop insurance, directors’ & officers’ liability, employment practices liability, and crime insurance.


Whether you raise crops, livestock, or both, we know farming isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. And we know how to protect it. From your machinery to your structures, your crops to your livestock, we know what it takes to safeguard your operation. We know it so well that we have earned the Elite Farm Certification designation from Nationwide. Our recommendations may include insurance for livestock, equipment, dwellings, structures, and autos; liability, and umbrella coverage.

Residential HOAs and Commercial Associations

Your board can be sued for a variety of liability issues. Whether you represent business condos, homeowners, or a group of mixed property owners, we can help identify your exposures and make sure you are protected. Our recommendations may include directors’ & officers’ liability, property insurance, liability coverage, and crime insurance.


Private schools, charter schools, early childhood learning centers, and universities all work to provide an outstanding educational experience to their students. We know what it takes to keep those students, along with your faculty, staff, and facility thoroughly protected. Our recommendations may include property coverage, employment practices, school transportation, student accident/medical, special events coverage, and professional coverage.


Just because you run a nonprofit doesn’t mean the risks associated with board members, volunteers, data, or fraud can leave your charitable organization any less vulnerable than any other business. Our recommendations for you may include directors’ and officers’ liability, crime insurance, and general liability.

Oil & Gas

Whether your business is involved in the upstream, midstream, or downstream sector, we can provide you with the right coverage for your complex needs. Our recommendations for you may include general liability, commercial auto, worker’s comp, surety bonds, and environmental protection.

Real Estate

For commercial real estate investors, owners, and property managers, we can help you protect your investment from break-ins, natural disasters, and other pitfalls. Our recommendations for you may include property coverage, builders’ risk, general liability, workers’ compensation, umbrella coverage, crime insurance, and owners’ and contractors’ protective liability.


As a retail business owner, keeping your business IN business involves staying on top of regulatory issues, theft, and staying on top of the competition. Our recommendations for you may include general liability, property coverage, crime insurance, umbrella coverage, and business interruption insurance.


You know what it takes to keep your employees safe and your goods delivered on time. We know what it takes to keep those same employees and goods protected, as well as the warehouse that holds them all. Our recommendations for you may include crime insurance, liquor liability, transportation coverage, and non-trucking liability.

Franchised Businesses

Even if you have the backing of a corporation that already requires certain types of insurance, it’s critical to have the right coverage for your specific location and needs. Our recommendations for you may include property liability, franchisors’ errors & omissions, commercial auto, and workers’ comp.

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Client Testimonials

When owning a business that requires unique and high-risk coverage, it is comforting to know that Renaissance Insurance has my business’ best interest in mind. The staff is knowledgeable from top to bottom and I value their experience and attention to detail.”

Guy McIntosh III, Owner, Safe Site Inc.

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